How to help

We've big ambitions for Lovelace Space, but everything starts small. Here's what we're looking for right now to help us grow.


We're looking for a space to call home. A place where we can run classes, workshops, events, and make things. Our dream space would have a bathroom and kitchen and at least three workrooms: a clean space for electronics and textiles; a dirty space for woodwork and metalwork; and a classroom space for events and workshops. For now, we'd be delighted just to have a room of one's own. If you know of a suitable home for Lovelace Space, get in touch. 


Once we have a space, we'll need furniture. Stacking chairs and tables that can be cleared away are a must. We'll need bookshelves, a comfortable couch and storage solutions and lamps. If you can help out with any of these, please give us a shout.


Making needs tools! Between us, we have a good collection of hand tools and equipment, but we could always do with more. From sewing needles to lasercutters, scissors to bandsaws, soldering irons to 3D printers, if there's anything you'd like to donate, please let us know.

If you'd like to run a workshop, hold an event, join, or just come hang out with us, then definitely contact us.