At Lovelace space, we love making. Whether it's knitting or coding, electronics or painting, welding or sewing, or accidentally setting things just a little bit on fire, we like to make new stuff and learn new things.

Lovelace Space is a place where people can feel comfortable working on all kinds of projects, without having to worry about their level of ability, or feeling they have to prove they belong. We're all here to learn from each other. The person welding in the corner might not know how to thread a needle. The amazing knitter might not know where to begin with electronics. By sharing knowledge and valuing difference, we can all make better stuff together than we could alone.


Lovelace Space is a supportive community for feminist, and civic and social activism. We are queer and trans-inclusive - we welcome people of any gender. But most of all, Lovelace Space is a friendly, comfortable space to work on your projects, learn skills, and not face hassle while you do so.

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