Handy hints to get started editing your first Wikipedia article

A huge thanks to Wikimedia Ireland for partnering with LoveLaceSpace for our Ada Lovelace Day event. The following is useful links by Claire Murray to get you started, and interesting data to check out.

Five pillars of Wikipedia (Fundamental rules to live by as an editor)


Brilliant resources to help you if you get lost

A snapshot guide to editing:

How would you write the perfect article? (Living the dream!)

What might the perfect article look like?

There are 292 active Wikipedias

Searching for e.g. Every woman chemist ever can be done (clumsily) through

You can generate timelines using wiki data

Comparisons of different genders on different language Wikipedias (the English version is too big to run this)

Page views analysis e.g. the neverending cat versus dog debate:

Page views of English Wikipedia by country (Ireland has 61 million page views per month)

Citations are serious business

Fun facts: Editors banned the Daily Mail as it was so unreliable

What's your editor username? If you want to search for another editor type user:username in the search bar. 

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