Here's a few things we've been working on. 

Our first workshop was Cross Stitch For Choice. You can find some patterns to make your own badges here.

The classic LED cube! Each of the LEDs in this 4x4x4 cube can be individually controlled through an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi. This means that the cube can cycle through 3D animations by turning LEDs on and off, making for quite a little light show. If you'd like to make your own, here's an Instructable showing you how.

You don't know luxury until you've worn handmade socks. These are made using four double pointed needles to knit in the round. If you'd like to give knitting socks a whirl, here's a tutorial to get you started.

Nothing says party like a skirt with LEDs. You can watch the video of it in action here. The skirt is handmade from a simple circle skirt pattern. The LEDs are a neopixel strip from Adafruit, which are controlled with a Flora. A little potentiometer in the waistband changes the colour of the LEDs. The code for the animation can be found here.